Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500Are you looking for a do it all bike that you take around town? Commute to work? Getting lost in a new city? Or go exploring your local trails? Then you might be looking for a hybrid bicycle.

Hybrid bikes lie somewhere in the middle between a pure road bike and a mountain bike. Choosing the best bike for you can be a very difficult decision.

Some can be very expensive and if you’re going to be spending many hours riding then you will want to make sure you’re comfortable and enjoying the ride.

Since there are many different bikes on the market, each with their own unique features and specifications, the decision on which bike is best for you can be very overwhelming.

We went through and reviewed the four best hybrid bikes we could find that won’t break the bank. The bikes in our review will cover the spectrum in cost, functionality and style, and each bike will keep the cost under a $1000.

There is surely something here that will be a great fit for whatever your preferences are. Here are top five hybrid bikes for you to read through.

Since the hybrid bike spectrum spans anywhere from strictly road biking, to strictly mountain biking. We certain bikes that are closer to one side of the spectrum and some bikes that are closer to the other side.

Product Name
Best FeaturePrice
Haanjo 3 High PerformerEconomical
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Mongoose Reform ExpertPerformance All-Rounder
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Raleigh Cadent 2Road Runner
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Diamondback Trace Sport Dual SportRugged All-Rounder
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Schwinn GTX 2.0 Dual 18 Sport BikeEconomical
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Our 1st Pick: Haanjo 3 High Performer ($950)

The Haanjo 3 by Diamondback is our first pick for best hybrid bicycle. If you’re looking for a high performance hybrid bike taking you wherever you want to go in the most efficient way possible than this might be the bike for you.

This is the lightest bike on our review, coming in just under 23lbs. It also has the highest quality of components, making shifting seem smooth and effortless while still having a wide range in gear ratios.

With the light weight, this bike will make it faster and easier to get where you want to go no matter what’s in your way. If you live in a hilly area, or like exploring new paths without knowing what to expect the gear ratios give you the flexibility to keep riding.

This bike will ride like a road bike but the more aggressive tires will let you quickly and effortlessly transition from smooth pavement to uneven gravel.

If you won’t let rain or snow hold you back from your rides, then the Haanjo 3 won’t stop you either. The standard mechanical disc brakes which provide excellent stopping power either dry or wet.

Each component is also meant to last. Diamondback didn’t try to cut corners with this one, the Haanjo 3 will keep riding like new for hundreds of miles.

Each component, tire, and frame are all made to last without compromise. Did we also mention the ergonomic geometry?

While lots of bikes keep your back in an uncomfortable position for longer rides, the Haanjo 3 keeps your back straighter letting you ride longer without getting uncomfortable.

It also comes in four different sized frames accommodating riders of every height and weight.

The Haanjo 3 is the most expensive bike on our list. Its expense is for the lightweight aluminum frame and the quality of components. If you’re not looking for a high performance bike than perhaps a more economical bike on our list will be better suited for your needs.

Its ergonomic position makes it perfect for long rides but if you’re not accustomed to this riding position it can be very uncomfortable for the first couple of rides.

There is also no suspension on this bike. The lack of suspension makes it faster, and easier to peddle up hills but going over a steep curb, hitting pot holes, or riding more aggressive trails this can make riding very painful.

The tires on the Haanjo are wider than typical road tires, but aren’t aggressive enough for muddier trails.


  • Lightweight
  • Best Gear Ratio
  • Highest Quality Components
  • Neutral Riding Position


  • Expensive
  • More Experienced Riding Style
  • Lack of Suspension

Our 2nd Pick : Mongoose Reform Expert Performance All-Rounder ($750)

The Reform Expert is a high performance hybrid bike that has a high quality front suspension making it a great all-rounder. If you’re looking for a light weight bike that is a high performer on both on and off roads the Reform Expert might be a great fit.

The Reform Expert has a lightweight aluminum frame with an air spring front suspension. This gives the smoothest ride out of any bikes on our list no matter the terrain.

The large tires also makes picking up speed, and going over obstacles a breeze. The high quality components makes the shifting smooth and effortless, combined with the widest gear ratio of our reviews, you will feel the confidence to tackle any hill no matter the challenge.

These components are also designed to last a very long time, you should not have to worry when taking this bike out ride after ride.

The sporty geometry of the bike creates a more natural and comfortable feel through the trails and on the road.

With a soft front suspension, you won’t have to worry about the high impact on your arms and back from going over curbs, hitting pot holes, riding over roots, or dodging rocks.

It also comes with mechanical disc brakes you and large rotors you won’t have to worry about quick braking maneuvers.

The soft front shock will make it more difficult to keep speed up hills, especially on smooth pavement where you aren’t in need of a shock absorber.

There is a shock lockout switch but that doesn’t completely negate the effects. The front shock also adds unnecessary weight if you aren’t looking for doing more aggressive trails.

The Reform Expert is also one of the more expensive bikes on our list, this is mostly due to the high quality of the components that are added.

The sporty geometry is also designed to feel more comfortable while on trails but can lead to soreness and being uncomfortable if you are spending a long time on rides on the open road.


  • Lightweight
  • Large tires
  • Impressive Braking and Shifting
  • Softest Suspension


  • Soft shock hurts road performance
  • Heavier than Haanjo
  • Expensive

Our 3rd Pick : Raleigh Cadent 2 – The Road Runner ($500)

The Cadent 2 is a great all around hybrid/fitness bike for a more economical price than our top pick, the Haanjo 3. This bike is perfect for commuting, getting around town and putting in some training mileage without feeling like you’re skimping out by not getting a more expensive option.

The Cadent 2 features a lightweight aluminum frame, coming in at just under the 27lb mark. There is also a very wide range of gear ratios allowing you to stay on the bike no matter the hill.

If you are an urban explorer looking to reach any area of where you live, or looking to go a great distance to get some training mileage in for an upcoming race.

The Cadent 2 will be a great fit. Its tires are also much wider compared to the standard road bike providing extra traction. If your travels take you to an unmaintained road, gravel path through the park, or anywhere you can think of this bike will get you there.

It also comes with mechanical disc brakes, providing ample stopping power and control in all weather conditions. The sporty geometry will feel more like riding a mountain bike than a high performance road bike.

This provides a more stable and comfortable feel for the average user, compared to the higher end bikes. There’s also four different sizes to choose from, making this a great option for almost every sized user.

The Cadent 2 is lacking any suspension which limits riding on rougher trails. This can also make some town rides more uncomfortable if you’ll have to consistently go up and down steep curbs or if you’ll hit any pot holes.

To make this bike more economical, the components chosen are also more economical. This will mean that the shifting won’t be as smooth as it could be and they might not be as durable as they could be.

This bike is also heavier than the Haanjo 3, which can make it more difficult to carry through your apartment to put it away, and can make it a little more difficult to power the bike up a hill or get up to speed.

The sporty geometry of the bike, provides more stability but if you’re routinely going on longer rides than it can get uncomfortable after being in the saddle for a while.  

The tires on the Cadent 2 are also narrower than the Haanjo which can give less traction on gravel and non-pavement sources.


  • Lightweight
  • Sporty Geometry
  • Overall Road Performance


  • No suspension
  • Weight

Our 4th Pick: Diamondback Trace Sport Dual Sport – Rugged ($600)

The Trace Sport is a great all-around hybrid bike that can take you around town commuting, or can go out onto more aggressive terrain without skipping a beat.

If you want to be able do it all without owning many specific bikes, than this could be the best option.

The aluminum allow construction keeps this bikes weight low without sacrificing durability. The bike comes in at just under 29lbs, making it very lightweight for the price point.

A decently wide range of gear rations should cover any hill you are looking to tackle. The mechanical disc brakes keeps you in control no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

This is also the first bike in our review that comes with a front suspension. This suspension makes this our most versatile bike yet. If you’re looking to try out some more aggressive trails then this will keep you going.

The lightweight frame also allows you to keep up with the morning commute. If you’re the type of person who enjoys hopping onto and off of curbs, or doesn’t want to swerve away from every pot hole, the front suspension will keep you covered.

No worrying about a sore back when you accidently hit that pot hole you weren’t expecting. The tires on the Trace are the widest tires in our review.

This will provide the most traction out of any of the bikes we reviewed. The wider tires provides more surface area which makes it nicer for muddier trails and spots where the ground is softer.

With the addition of the front suspension, the bike has a few additional pounds added to it compared to the previous two competitors on our list.

If weight is your primary concern than this could sway you towards something lighter, but if you want to be rest assured that no obstacle will get in your way than the added weight might be worth it.

The gear ratio on the Trace Sport is versatile, it’s not as wide as some of the other competitors which combined with the added weight, and this could make certain hills a lot more challenging.


  • Durable
  • Large tires
  • Front Suspension


  • Weight
  • Gear Ratios

Our 5th Pick: Schwinn GTX 2.0 Dual 18 Sport Bike  

The GTX Dual Sport is more on the mountain bike end of the hybrid bike spectrum. It is also the most economical bike on our list.

If you are looking for an economical bike to take you on the trials but also get you from point A to B around town than the GTX Dual Sport might be a great option.

The aluminum frame is also paired with a steel rear making this a very rugged and long lasting bike.

It also comes with a wide gear ratio range, creating the customized feel for any hill or obstacle in your path. This also has the largest suspension out of all the other bikes on our list, making the GTX Dual Sport the best option for more aggressive riders.

It also comes with mechanical disc brakes, which provide an ample amount of stopping power regardless of conditions.

This bike is not only just good at being able to tackle rugged trails, but it also is streamlined for navigating city streets with ease.

The tires are wide enough to get traction on trails, but also smooth enough to keep pace on pavement. One of the best features of this bike, is the cost, coming in at a few hundred dollars less than all of our other options.

This is by far the heaviest option on our list. Coming in over 30lbs makes this bike a lot more difficult to peddle up hills or even carry through an apartment complex.

The heaviness of the bike is attributed to the beefier frame and steel mounts.

The gear ratio is also not as impressive as the other options we reviewed but is more than adequate for most terrain. It only comes with 26in tires, which means it is designed for shorter riders.

If you are of above average height than you might find riding this bike to be more difficult. There was also some concern in the durability of the tires, and components found on this bike as well.


  • Economical
  • Durable


  • Heavy
  • Cheaper Components
  • Small Size/Tires


When choosing a hybrid bike that is the best fit for you, there are many options to choose from. Are you trying to finish your commute as fast as possible?

Do you like to take long rides on the open road exploring new areas? Do you want to start exploring some local trails around town? Or are you just looking for the comfort that curbs and pot holes aren’t going to get in your way on your commute?

If you’re looking at mostly smooth pavement riding, the Haanjo 3 or the Cadent 2 is your best bet. They both excel at keeping speed up hills and won’t let any of that hard earned leg power go to waste in a shock absorber.

The Haanjo 3 is the better performer out of these two, due to its lighter frame, higher quality components and more neutral rider position.

It is also several hundred dollars more than the Cadent 2 so if you’re on a tighter budget the Cadent 2 could be the best alternative.

If you’re looking for a bike that will also take you off the road into some trail riding than you’ll want one of our options that comes with front suspension.

The Mongoose Reform Expert is the top end out of these options. It is the lightest, and most comfortable with the highest quality components.

The Diamondback Trace Sport is an impressive alternative that is rugged and durable but at the sacrifice of weight. The Schwinn GTX comes in next as an economical alternative to the others.

Don’t let the low price scare you away, this is still a great hybrid bike that will allow you to accomplish any of your goals with only having to sacrifice some of the nicer luxuries of the others.

We hope this review has helped you with your choice of buying a hybrid bike.

There are many other bikes out there besides the ones we mentioned here, but we think these five bikes cover a large spectrum of hybrid bikes on the market.