Hybrid Bikes of 2019A hybrid bike combines the features of a standard road bike with that of a mountain bike, taking the best bits of both types to create a sturdy machine that is comfortable over almost all terrains and surfaces.

Hybrid bikes are perfect for beginner cyclists: the best hybrid bikes are good enough to carry you over all sorts of terrain without any trouble.

Thus, they give maximum pleasure to the rider and have so far helped many enthusiasts enjoy cycling and get more interested in this great sport.

Hybrid bikes do vary – some are more influenced by the road genre while others lean towards the mountain bike end.

It goes without saying that the latter type copes better with uneven off-road terrain, while the former is quite fast on paved roads.

On the whole, a hybrid bike is an excellent option if you are going to use your bike mostly to commute to and from work, but it is equally suitable for some recreational riding at the weekend.

In this article we are reviewing the top 6 best men’s hybrid bikes for 2018.

Top 6 Men’s Hybrid Bikes of 2018

Product Name
MakerBest FeaturePrice
Tommaso La Forma LightweightTommasoTommaso HCT Carbon Fiber Fork
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Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men's BicycleSixthreezeroInnovative step-thru design that gives the rider serious comfort
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Vilano Diverse 3.0VilanoIncludes free pedals
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Schwinn Men's PhocusSchwinnAluminum fitness frame and sport suspension fork
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Critical Cycles Men's Barron Critical Cycles Sturdy yet lightweight 6061 aluminum frame
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Kent Northwoods SpringdaleNorthwoodsAlloy Quick Release Seat Clamp
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Our First Pick: La Forma – Tommaso HCT Carbon Fiber Fork

Tommaso’s La Forma is the ultimate commuted and urban bicycle. It is just perfect for those who like to ride the trails with their friends, as well as for those who are hardcore commuters.

This machine delivers everything you may need and we are sure that it will surpass your expectations.

The state-of-the-art frame is provided with eyelets to cope with any standard rear rack, while the super durable wheels attached to it guarantee many years of great riding.

The Tommaso SLA aluminum hybrid frame is ready to meet all of your commuting needs, while its HCT carbon fork significantly reduces road vibrations.

Thus providing the cyclist with a lightweight and yet reliable ride.

It is compact, with a more upright geometry and flat handlebars that provide riders with exceptional comfort that makes pedaling fun and enjoyable.

La Forma’s full Shimano Acera Drivetrain delivers all the gear work a dedicated amateur may need on well-paved roads or reasonably challenging trails.

The smooth and responsive shifting will certainly please even the pickiest cyclists.

The bicycle’s drivetrain provides a surprisingly large range of gearing options, well complemented by the convenient heads up display on the shifters.

This accounts for a consistent shifting with on-demand power and bike performance.

La Forma’s wheels feature 28 spoke MIGDA alloy rims that combine unsurpassed strength and reliability and are thus suitable for commuters and city riders.

The wide 32 mm tires offer superb control and balance in all riding positions.

This men’s hybrid bike is our number one pick because of its superior design and high-quality manufacturing.

This machine will make it extremely easy for you to navigate your way through the big city traffic.

La Forma is just perfect for commuting and casual riding. It is designed for cyclists looking for a fast and reliable hybrid bike that looks as good as it feels.

To ensure maximum performance, we recommend not to try to assemble your new La Forma bike yourself, but have it assembled by a qualified professional instead.



  • Strong and reliable rims
  • Vibration reducing carbon fork
  • Drivetrain with wide range of gearing options
  • Superior design


  • Relatively high price

Our second pick: Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s 26-Inch Bicycle


Sixthreezero are committed to producing high-end beach cruisers and retailing them at very reasonable prices.

All of their bikes are hand-built from the ground up, guaranteeing that the cyclist gets a smooth ride every time.

This is the perfect choice for hipsters looking for the ultimate ride to work and back.

The EVRYjourney model offers the perfect combination of everlasting style and modern comfort.

This hybrid cruiser boasts a 19-inch aluminum frame, 26-inch wheels, and a seamless seven-speed hub with front and rear handbrakes.

The 19-inch swooping, aluminum, black matte frame is perfect for cruise, leisure, and commute rides.

On it there are matching comfy dual-spring saddle and grips, plus matching fenders and rear rack for optional baskets and panniers.

With its blacked out components and Matte Black frame, the EVRYjourney 7-speed men’s hybrid cruiser looks like a sleek, modern showpiece.

But if you think it only excels at being a showstopper on the street, you’re quite mistaken.

This classic hybrid cruiser with forward pedaling design and upright riding position is equipped with 7-speed Shimano gearing that allows for outstanding performance on streets and trails, as well as up hills and over long journeys.

Its 1.95-inch wide tires provide a smooth and cushioned ride over all sorts of terrain.

The EVRYjourney is manufactured with a low center of gravity and thus it keeps the rider’s back upright and their legs properly extended.

This is our second best pick, because in the world of hybrid cruiser bikes the name is a synonym of supreme comfort combined with unsurpassed reliability.


  • Outstanding performance on streets and trails alike
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Very comfortable
  • Reasonable price


  • Packing and assembly issues

Our third choice: Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike  

The Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike is one of the best road bikes currently available on the market.

It has the capacity to serve as a commuter bike as well a tour around the countryside.

This unique combination makes it one of the most desired bikes even for beginners and the fact that it is offered at a very affordable retail price compared to most other models is an extra advantage for those not willing to financially go overboard for a bike.

The Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike is more than just another bike to have over a short period of time. Rather, it is designed specifically to cater for your different needs as a cycling enthusiast.

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when they are about to purchase a hybrid bike is the features it offers and how these features will work for them.

The Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike promises an ultimate riding eperience for those who fancy hybrid road bikes.

Vilano’s Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike is equipped with derailleurs in both the front and back, which may be a bit challenging for inexperienced cyclists, especially when they need to shift gears in motion.

The bike comes with disk brakes which provide the rider with more control when need arises, and with free pedals.

The bike’s frame and fork is made of 6061 aluminum. This combination guarantees strength and agility during cycling.

The frame is also relatively light compared to other bikes of the same type.

The men’s model also comes fitted with 700c rims and 700c*35c tires, which are wide enough to take on different terrains that it may ridden on.

This bike is equipped with a triple crankset of 42/34/24T and cranked up arms, and a flat handlebar that encourages an upright posture while riding your bike.

It has an Ergo Comfort seat which, combined with the flat bar handles, ensures the upright posture of the rider.


  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Improved safety
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Affordable price


  • The handle bars have no shock absorbers

Our number four: Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1500 28″ with Aluminum fork

The bicycle maker Schwinn was established in 1895, by Ignaz Schwinn in Chicago, IL.

Best known for their flagman bikes like the Phantom, the Varsity, the Stingray and the original Krate and Picker series of children’s bikes.

Schwinn has made it possible for riders of all ages and walks of life to experience the thrill of casual cycling.

Children and adults around the world associate the Schwinn name with superior quality and affordable price.

The joys of learning to ride for the first time, sharing a bike trip with your friends, proudly completing a new training program or enjoying a local picturesque route are all best enjoyed on a Schwinn!

Just like the original bicycles made by Ignaz Schwinn, you can count on Schwinn to evolve and innovate in ways that enhance and simplify the riding experience for all generations of fans.

Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1500 28″ Flat Bar Road Bike gives you an exceptional riding experience.  With it you can fly down the road, hug tight turns and experience many cycling adventures.

The Men’s 700c Phocus 1500 by Schwinn is a sleek flat bar hybrid that is light and nimble at the same time.

It features a Schwinn aluminum fitness frame and Schwinn sport suspension fork for a very smooth and at the same time responsive ride.  This is arguably the best bike for commuting.

Indeed, if you’re still driving to work, you are missing out on the numerous health benefits of pedaling to work.

For one, it means no endless sitting in traffic jams, no gas money, and fewer fuel emissions.

This ultimate commuting machine is equipped with Shimano EZ-Fire shifters and a 24-speed Shimano drivetrain that make shifting easy and smooth, so you can take on that massive hill without breaking a drop of sweat.

The bike’s mechanical disc brakes provide reliable stopping power and steady speed control even during steep descents.

While the Shimano alloy crank and 8-speed cassette provide optimal gearing and less need for maintenance on your end.

Its alloy high profile double wall rims are made durable and strong, so you can ride for as long as you like and take in some breathtaking sights along your way.

This lightweight hybrid combines the sleek, speedy riding of a drop bar road bike with the durable, reliable nature of a mountain bike.

It has earned the prestigious number 3 spot on our list because, like all Schwinn bikes, the Phocus 1500 comes with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike.

Enjoy the ride on a Schwinn safely and responsibly!


  • Arguably the best bike for commuting
  •  Shimano EZ-Fire shifters
  •  Aluminum fitness frame
  •  Sport suspension
  •  Lifelong warranty for first owner


  • Issues with the bottom bracket

Our fifth pick: Critical Cycles Men’s Barron Hybrid 21 Speed Bike 

God did not create all roads equal and that is why the guys from Critical Cycles designed their Men’s Barron Hybrid 21 Speed Fitness Bike to deal with all terrains.

This bike is engineered to quickly adapt to any surface, whether cycling through the manhole covered city streets, trekking up steep hills, or taking a casual ride down your local bike trail.

The Barron’s backbone is a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame. It is sturdy and reliable. It also offers a unique combination of strength and agility and is designed to cope with a variety of difficult and not so challenging terrains.

This men’s hybrid bicycle is equipped with conveniently placed Revoshift Grip-Twist shifters that allow for safer shifting by keeping the rider’s hands on the handlebars at all times.

When designing their Barron, the engineers of Critical Cycles included a plush and extra wide saddle, because they know very well that a comfortable ride is an enjoyable ride.

Its super-comfortable saddle is well-complemented by twist grip shifters, ergonomic brake levers, and a strong rear mount kickstand.

For all the comfort that the Barron offers its rider, this machine has earned the penultimate spot on our list of Top 5 Best Men’s Hybrid Bikes of 2018.


  • Outstanding comfort
  • Superior manufacturing
  • Conveniently placed Revoshift Grip-Twist shifters
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum frame


  •  Some parts may be damaged on delivery
  • Poor customer service


Our number six: Kent Northwoods Springdale Men’s Hybrid Bicycle  

Northwoods’ Crosstown 21 speed Hybrid Bicycle is the perfect two-wheeled machine for anyone who is shopping around for a reliable bike for short commuting or recreational trips. It boasts a hand crafted lightweight aluminum frame.

Its 700c alloy rims, Shimano components and even a rear rack create an amazing value for its affordable retail price. The men’s version of this model is available in black.

The company’s engineers have designed this particular model mainly for recreational use and around-town commuting. The Northwoods Springdale Hybrid Bicycle is equipped with Shimano components including a Shimano Tourney rear derailleur and a quick release seat clamp.

The Northwoods Springdale also offers 21 speeds for easy adjustability to hilly terrain and its linear pull brakes give the rider confident stopping power. Additional details include alloy rims, an alloy quick release seat clamp, a rear rack, and fenders.

On the whole, this is a good commuter bike for enthusiasts on a budget. It has a number of fun bells and whistles that make a big difference and it is more or less quite comfortable.

The brand may not be a big name among the U.S. bike makers, but there are a lot of positive reviews online that you can trust. This machine handles quite well and you can certainly lose some weight on it.

For all the comfort and nice features that this hybrid bike offers, it sits at the bottom of our list, because its wear and tear is not exceptional. Some users have complained that the components start giving you a headache after about three months of intense cycling.


  • Shimano Tourney rear derailleur
  • Hand crafted lightweight aluminum frame
  • Handles very well
  • Linear pull brakes generate good stopping power


  •  Some parts may be damaged on delivery
  • Relatively low wear and tear

Our Final Take

Hybrid road bikes are quite appealing especially if one is just starting out as a cyclist.  They are the perfect choice for those who love speed, but at the same time value their safety.

Those who invest in a hybrid bike get a machine that combines the power of a mountain bike and the speed of a road bike.

Many cycling enthusiasts have appreciated the numerous upgraded features that come with the bike once they have made the purchase.

The high expectations of the consumers have always kept bike makers on their toes as they are racing against time to beat their competitors in releasing on the market ever greater machines for their devoted fans. As said above, a hybrid bike is also a good option for losing a few extra pounds on the waist.