The SixThreeZero EvryJourney is a hybrid bicycle  for women’s and  Mens’s. Some Users claim it is was designed with women in mind.

This bike allows you to handle a range of terrains and activities. No matter how far you have to go, this EveryJourney bike can handle the trip!

Why Buy a Hybrid Bicycle?

Why is it important to purchase a hybrid bicycle? If you aren’t certain what terrain you will be using the bicycle on.

For instance, if you will mainly be enjoying city biking, but enjoy the occasional country road drive, this is the ideal bike to meet multiple activities.

Hybrid bicycles do not allow for the fastest biking and they also do not allow for bicycling which can handle any sort of mountain trails.

However, these bikes cover all of the in-between terrains.

Instead, a hybrid bicycle is a bike with a heavy frame. It also has a cushioned seat and a flat handlebar.

These features differentiate them from either a road bike or a mountain bike. If you aren’t sure whether you should purchase a road bike, mountain bike, or hybrid bike, read on.

What Are Hybrid Bikes?

Hybrid bicycles are a cross between road bikes and mountain bikes. This means that the tire width is just between the two styles of bikes.

Additionally, the seat will be more cushioned and the frame will be heavier than a road bike. A final note on hybrid bikes, their handlebar will be flat, unlike many road bikes.

 Why not Buy a Standard Bicycle?

So what are the reasons for not purchasing a road or mountain bike? In fact, there are many reasons for sticking to a hybrid bicycle.

One such reason is that the bicyclist is sick of switching between two bicycles for various activities. Instead of hauling two bicycles, they simply bring one with them for all activities. Keep in mind, this is not recommended for serious bikers as they will not enjoy the same quality of ride.

Another reason to choose a hybrid bicycle is if you hope to use your bicycle for long bike rides and plan on carrying additional luggage with you. After all, hybrid bicycles are the most common bikes to have racks above the rear tire.

Finally, you may not want a standard bicycle if you want something which looks a little more classic. Typically, road or mountain bikes look modern and sleek.

If you are looking for a timeless bicycle, a hybrid bicycle is more likely to afford you the style you hope for.

Features of Sixthreezero Evryjourney

This bicycle designed by Evryjourney has an incredibly classic design. It also provides maximum comfort for long bike rides and provides many storage options for your journey.


The Sixthreezero Evryjourney is an incredibly comfortable bicycle. When choosing a bicycle, you have to ensure that your bicycle is going to support you through your entire ride. This means that your body is comfortable in every single way.

To begin with, this bicycle has a low frame between the tires. This is an excellent form of comfort because it allows the rider to set his or her feet down as soon as they need to.

Additionally, this gives the rider more comfort if they are wearing a skirt while riding.

Additionally, the seat on this bicycle is a saddle seat. This means that the seat conforms to the rider perfectly, and the leather provides maximum cushioning and support for bumpy roads.


Speed is an important feature in any bicycle. This hybrid bicycle for women has seven-speed options and provides excellent weight for any biker.

As far as weight is concerned, the Sixthreezero comes in at 38 pounds. This makes for a rather heavy bicycle, especially for a female bicyclist. It’s important for a bike to be heavy so that the bicycle is resistant to tipping over.

That being said, it takes a lot of extra work to pedal a heavier bicycle. If you are in excellent physical condition, this bike will be no problem for you. If you are looking to purchase this bike to get in shape, you may want to consider a lighter weight bicycle first.

Classic Design

Another exquisite feature of this bicycle is the classic design of the bike. With large tires and a seat which dips down in between the tires, the bicycle looks and feels like a traditional bike.

Additionally, it comes in a variety of unique colors. With options in teal, cream, and navy, the bicycle provides beauty and style for any rider. These colors still maintain the classic look of a bicyclist, but they also appeal to a woman’s sensibilities.

The fenders on this bicycle are another delightful feature. Most classic bicycles provided fenders which protected the rider from getting sprayed with mud from the bike. However, the fenders also provide a clean, classic look for the bicycle.


The Sixthreezero Evryjourney is armed with perfect materials to keep you safe on any bike ride. To begin with, these tires are approximately 2 inches thick. The thickness of these tires keeps you steady and prevents chances of tipping over.

Additionally, the handle brakes on this bicycle are oversize. While this may not seem like a great option, it does mean that the bicyclist will have a much easier time ensuring she brakes properly.

The frame of this bicycle is made from aluminum. This means that the bike is resistant to rust and remains lightweight. The light weight of the bike keeps the bicycle from slowing down too much or from being too difficult to pedal.


For the Sixthreezero, this warranty is simply a manufacturer’s warranty. This means that the company will only replace parts which are breaking due to manufacturer error. Keep in mind that this is not an excellent warranty by any stretch of the imagination.

A warranty such as a limited lifetime warranty may better suit your needs. If you feel this is the case, do not be afraid to check out other bicycles we have reviewed!

Who Can Ride This Bike?

This bicycle is designed for, first and foremost, female bicyclists. This means that the seat design and the handlebar design is a little different from the standard male bike.

Additionally, an important feature to consider when purchasing a bike is what height the bicycle allows. This bicycle allows riders of heights 5’-6’.

This is perfect for most women. If you need a smaller bicycle, keep in mind that the Sixthreezero does come in different sizes and there may be one available to you.

Considerations Before Buying a Bicycle

Which Activity Will You Focus on Most?

The SixThreeZero EvryJourneyThis bicycle has excellent features for riders in terms of everyday activities. You can participate in activities such as simple bike rides around town or bike rides down paved trails or country roads.

You can also use this bicycle as a touring bike. Typically this means riding at slower speeds with the purpose of enjoying the scenery around you. This can be ideal for family bike rides or for elderly bicyclists.

However, if you are a college student or a plan on using your bicycle for transportation, never fear! The Sixthreezero can meet this need as well. With a rack on the rear of the bicycle, you can attach a child’s seat, grocery bags, a basket, etc.

This allows you to run errands with your bicycle any time!

What is Your Overall Physical Condition?

Once again, you will want to take into consideration your height and your current level of physical fitness. If you are in peak physical condition and of an average height, this bicycle should appropriately meet your needs.

However, if you struggle physically, do not be afraid to purchase a lighter weight bicycle. In the same token, if you are shorter than 5’ or taller than 6’, do not be afraid to purchase a bicycle which will meet your height requirements.

Is There a Warranty Available?

SixThreeZero EvryJourney Women'sBefore you purchase any bicycle, you will want to check the warranty type. Most bicycle companies offer a warranty.

The key warranties to look for are limited and lifetime limited warranties. Additionally, there are manufacturer’s warranties and full warranties.

These limited warranties, whether just limited or lifetime limited are fairly simple and a solid warranty. They cover specific parts of the bicycle and they often last for a predetermined amount of time.

For instance, this could be a lifetime warranty or with a limited warranty, the warranty lasts for a set amount of time. Either of these warranties is excellent warranties which protect the bicycle owner.

Another type of warranty is a full warranty. This typically means that the entire product can be replaced at any time. It is most common to see a time limit set on this warranty. Normally the time limit is for a year or so.

Finally, there is a manufacturer’s warranty. These warranties are one of the weakest warranties on the market. Essentially, these warranties mean that if something is wrong with the bicycle because of how it was manufactured, the company will cover the cost.