Top Toddlers Tricycle ReviewAs your bundle of joy journeys from being cradled in your arms to graduating to their first bike, we are here to help you make the best choice in product.

Testing out each individual feature of these beginner bikes, our parents test for durability, safety, longevity of the product, adaptability- can it grow with your child or is it a temporary bike, and finally to review if the price matches the product.

Within this product review session our target age is the toddler and two-year-old tricycles. With each of these tricycles we will have a brief description, review, and overall impression of each product for you to read.

This allows you as a consumer to pick the best product to suit you, and your child’s needs. Below is a chart that introduces all of the tricycles this review offers, its brand, and the top three features of that particular tricycle.

Following this, we offer an extensive ranked review for each bike, as found by our team of test parents.

We hope this review guide will help you in choosing the perfect tricycle for your children’s needs, and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Product Name
MakerBest FeaturePrice
Radio Flyer Classic Red TricycleRadio FlyerLonglasting
Check Price
The Schwinn Roadster BicycleSchwinnSafety
Check Price
The Kiddi-o Primo BicycleKiddi-oParent Friendly
Check Price
The Trademark GlobalTrademark GlobalMultifunctioning
Check Price
Fisher Price Tough Trike
Fisher Price
Low Cost
Check Price

 Our Top Pick- The Radio Flyer Classic Red Tricycle– A Lifetime Purchase

Radio Flyer is a well storied, and highly sought-after brand. Boasting over 100 years of incredible bikes, wagons and scooters, this company offers the highest quality of toy that your little one could have.

The idea of having such a long-lasting product can seem like false advertising these days, however the brand has consistently been sought after because of its durability.

Lasting through the ages this classic chrome, and steel bike with its black and white tires have graced every neighborhood street corner since 1917.

Our review team agrees that this is the top pick for your toddlers’ tricycle. Any fears of purchasing a bike that is the wrong size, is potentially unsafe, or in a price range that’s too high- can be put to rest.

This tricycle boasts ample stability for a first cycling experience and has the ability to adjust for size until your little one can fully reach the pedals.

With a sixty-dollar price tag this bike reveals to be on the lower price range for toddler tricycles as we have seen and reviewed a great deal of tricycles that can reach over one-hundred dollars.  


  • Durable product
  • Adjustable pedals
  • Great gift
  • Trustworthy Company


  • No parent controls
  • Heavier than plastic bikes

Our Second Choice –The Schwinn Roadster Bicycle– Safety and Security

Another classic bike manufacturer- The Schwinn bike company has been creating reliable two and three-wheel transportation since 1895.  

A wonderfully solid tricycle, this toy can keep your tots entertained for several years to come.

Knowing this tricycle may last until they’re ready for a two-wheel bike could ease the hesitation a ninety-dollar price tag could hold.

Much like our top pick- the Radio Flyer- Schwinn has been producing quality equipment and their main focus as a company is providing the safest and best journey from the time children can reach the pedals to their late adulthood.

Their consistency and satisfaction have been tried and tested over the span of three centuries- your toddler is guaranteed to enjoy their new tricycle and you’re going to love knowing they’re on the safest tricycle on the market.

It is because of the quality and longevity it ranks second overall, only coming in second due to a thirty-dollar price difference.


  • Quality Equipment
  • Safe for all ages
  • Multiple choices for type of tricycle


  • Higher price for similar product
  • Potential for toddler to not fit into the size right away

Our Third Choice- The Kiddi-o Primo Bicycle– Parent-Friendly Tricycle  

This lesser known brand, Kiddio, comprises a tricycle made of plastic and steel for toddlers ages two to four.

This new toy will be able to grow with your toddler with adjustable seating, and larger foot pedals, compensating for their growth spurts.

This bike also features a rear handhold for parents. Whether it’s for easier carrying or used as a quick stopping method for others- it’s a great feature for any parent.

This tricycle also has a rear foot plate attached to the back of the toy, allowing for an additional rider to join in on the driver’s fun!

Bordering in the middle of our first two tricycles, the price tag for this ride falls around seventy dollars.

The longevity of this bike is unknown due to being from a relatively unknown company however it did hold up well on our durability testing which proves to be important in the “terrible two’s” stage of childhood.


  • Adjustable for size
  • Parent and Kid friendly
  • Light
  • Durable


  • Higher price for less quality metal
  • Plastic is the main structure less solid than metal

Our Fourth Choice- The Trademark Global 3 in 1 Tricycle Stroller with Removable Canopy 

The fourth choice for tricycles comes down to the Trademark Global trike.

Sitting at a top price range of ninety-five to one hundred and ten (depending on color and location of purchase). This mode of transportation offers a surprising amount of control on the parent’s part.

Under our initial inspection, this tricycle all in one seems to have a lot of flashy gadgets and attachments.

A removable canopy, handle, and seatbelt feature gives you total control over your toddler’s environment. This tricycle boasts that it is the only bike and stroller your child will need until they graduate to a traditional two-wheel bike around age five.

Their claims about the bikes longevity appear to have good merit as the seatbelt and plastic seat allow for numerous adjustments as your child develops.

Through this your child can begin their tricycle experience earlier than ever as its comes with a handy push handle and canopy.

The prior allowing you to control the bike and propel it even if their legs aren’t long enough. The canopy helps protect your toddlers’ sensitive skin from the suns harmful rays while they’re out and about learning to ride a bike.  

An additional safety feature for parent’s ease is a seatbelt, keeping your child in their seat while the tricycle is in motion.

This lovely 3-in-1 comes in multiple colors and can be purchased on Amazon or other in-store retailers. The tricycle consists of mostly plastic, and some metal for the handle and pedals.

Overall our expert testers weren’t overwhelmed with the multiple features of this tricycle; however, they did enjoy the option of using these features if needed.


  • 3 key features
  • Parent centered tricycle
  • Sun protection
  • Seatbelt


  • Less stable than top 3 tricycles
  • Plastic components feel cheap
  • Most expensive price tag

Our Fifth Choice- The Fisher Price Tough Trike– Low Cost for A Hardy Product

Our fifth and final tricycle comes from the well-known children’s toy manufacturer Fisher Price.

This bright trike can take several hits- and come away without a scratch; which is more than a great deal of tricycles that we tested can boast.

Entirely plastic, this is a typical run of the mill basic toy you are able to pick up at any store or online.

Unlike our top picks this tricycle is created by a company that specializes in children’s toys and not in cycling.

However, this may play to its durability and benefit your wallet as it is able to continue working well even after a few “young driver” accidents.

It can hold its own against any sidewalk, blacktop, grass, or trail that your toddler can traipse into which is more than the fourth choice- the multifunctional tricycle- can achieve.

For a great price tag of forty dollars, this tricycle is the lowest end of our price range.

The durability and ability to satisfy several ages means that this tricycle can last you and your toddler well into the next few years.

The only reason this particular cycle is ranked at number five is due to the other tricycles being made with better materials that could last a greater amount of time than this tricycle.


  • Durable
  • Lowest price tag
  • Bright- multicolored
  • Lightweight


  • All plastic
  • Manufactured by a Toy company, not a bike company

Final Ideas

Comparing all of these tricycles has given you a place to start your search for attaining the perfect tricycle for you and your toddlers needs.

It is by no means a complete list, nor does it limit the potential for an unknown brand to be the perfect fit for you.

In this review our team of parents and testers were aiming to give you a selection of tricycles that can develop with your child and last your family a long time.

This list holds a range of different bikes- from a classic bike creator to today’s modern toy makers there is an option that can work everyone.

This includes a varied price range, different levels of parental control, and adjustable portions.

We hope that through our list, and the information provided helped you reach a decision.

Additionally, our team is always open to feedback, or reviews, or suggestions so that we can continue to help and keep you and your family getting the perfect products you deserve.